Our History

Family Owned & Operated for 50+ Years

The history of Hellas Restaurant & Bakery

Hellas means more to us than a restaurant or bakery. It is the legacy of both our family and our deep-felt Greek heritage. The history of Hellas Restaurant & Bakery started in the late summer of 1969. Bob and Maria Karterouliotis immigrated from Sparta, Greece, to the United States.

They settled in Chicago, IL, to start their American dream. After only being in the U.S. for a few months, Bob and Maria chose to open the original Hellas Bakery in the Greek town of Chicago. The Karterouliotis' family success grew, and they continued to open additional bakeries around the Chicago area.

Hellas Bakery and Restaurant history collage
Past pictures of the current building that is occupied by Hellas Restaurant today, and an original menu.

Community in the Sponge Docks

Hellas moves to Tarpon Springs, FL

After years of success, Bob and Maria decided to move their family and Hellas Bakery to Florida. In 1983, the second generation of Hellas Bakery was born in the downtown Clearwater area. The family business was soon joined by their children, and as the family grew, so did the business.

In 1985, the family opened Hellas Restaurant & Bakery in Tarpon Springs. It is still owned and operated by Bob and Maria Karterouliotis’s children and grandchildren and remains the proud cornerstone of the Greek Community located on Florida’s World-famous Sponge Docks.

Today, Hellas Restaurant & Bakery heralds their rich heritage by producing truly authentic and cultural Cuisine while providing the finest Greek dining experience. In addition, Customers have a vast choice of authentic, delicious pastries from the on-site Hellas Retail Bakery. Both feature Award-winning Greek fare and pastries.

Hellas Restaurant & Bakery

A 50-Year Family Tradition

Over the years, Hellas Restaurant & Bakery has gained an impeccable reputation and features award-winning Greek Cuisine and authentic Greek pastries. It is an icon throughout the world!

Hellas Restaurant & Bakery
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Restaurant: Sun-Thu: 11am-9pm

Restaurant: Fri-Sat: 11am-10pm

Bakery: Sun-Thu: 9am-9:30pm

Bakery: Fri-Sat: 9am-10:30pm

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